LLC Info Connection




Technological Products and Services:

  • National and International Patent Documents Identification;
  • Definition of the State of the Art;
  • Draft of technology transfer contracts;
  • Trademark and Patent licenses;
  • Identification and Details of Dumping and Unfair Competition;
  • Competitive Intelligence information collecting;
  • Manual and "ONLINE" Research to identify emerging technologies;
  • Structuring and deployment of Electronic information networks;
  • Identification of partners, partnerships and Consultants;
  • National and International databases access, in various Fields of human knowledge and particularly in Industrial Property;
  • Monitoring and lifting of Trademarks and Patents of various worldwide Competitors;
  • Evaluation and protection of customer interests involving Trade Dress (usually involving well known trademarks); and;
  • Legal and technical consultant on Lawsuits, including acting as judicial expertise, and/or working with law firms Partners of LLC;

Industrial Property Agent Products and Services:


  • Search and analysis of feasibility of obtaining trademarks registration;
  • Filing and tracking trademark applications until final decision before the Brazilian PTO;
  • Monitoring of trademarks applications/registries.
  • Presentation and responses to objections/oppositions, responses to technical office actions;
  • Trademark registry feasibility analysis on the exterior;
  • Deposit, accompaniment and monitoring of trademark applications on the exterior;
  • Representation in trademark administrative litigation actions or lawsuits; and
  • Trademarks administrative or judicial nullities.


  • Searches of the State of the Art and analysis of feasibility of patents obtaining;
  • Writing patent, utility model and certificate of addition of invention document and filing before the Brazilian PTO, in all procedural stages until the final decision and after the patent granting
  • Monitoring applications or patents already granted;
  • Analysis and feasibility of obtaining patents on the exterior;
  • Filing, accompaniment and monitoring of patent applications on the exterior, through the PCT system, in the national phases of designated/elected countries, or directly, with or without a unionist priority claim;
  • Representation in patent administrative litigation actions or lawsuits;
  • Presentation and responses to patent technical examination subsidies; and
  • Patents Administrative and Judicial Nullity Procedures.

Industrial Design

  • Feasibility searches to obtaining industrial design registration;
  • Draft and filing of a industrial design application;
  • Accompaniment and monitoring of industrial design applications;
  • Technical responses to PTO Office Actions; and
  • Industrial Design Administrative and Judicial Nullity Procedures.