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LLC - INFO CONNECTION LTDA is a Brazilian company with more than 30 years of experience in the areas of Information and Intellectual Property, acting as Industrial Property Agent before the Brazilian PTO (INPI) and consultant on Industrial Property and Competitive Intelligence, able to offer to your clients more efficient and complete custom products and services.

With a multidisciplinary professionals team highly qualified and skilled, consisting of ex-examiners from Brazilian PTO (INPI), is able to satisfy the client demands on analysis and technical advice.

Direct and electronically interconnected with consultants in Brazil and exterior, in the most diverse human knowledge areas, we realize in the country a unique management model for companies that work in Industrial Property area and in Information Research, particularly with regard to the feasibility in placing pharmaceutical products on the national and international market.

Thus, we are able to offer a monitoring service and technological prospecting for active or not active companies in the innovation and development area, whose the objective is to extend the market control or, in other words, weaken the market control exercised by their competitors.